Eamon Kelly

How to Study at Home

Over the last few years, we have been in constant flux. One day you can be attending classes as just like it was 2019 and the next, after a few new cases of COVID-19, you are back at home logging into a Zoom classroom. Last… Read More »How to Study at Home

Raise Your Mean

What is a mean? We use it as a measure of centre of a set of numbers and find it by adding them all together and dividing it by the amount. What do we get from it? Well, as a measure of centre, it tells… Read More »Raise Your Mean

Carrot or Stick

Which one of these gets you out of bed in morning? Do you constantly snooze your alarm and only get out of bed because you might be late for class? Because mum or dad is pulling the blanket off you so you will finally get… Read More »Carrot or Stick

How To Be Engaged

Is it surprising that the things we remember best are the most ridiculous events, the most colourful sites or the most sensational experiences? If it is, it should be equally unsurprising when we spend so much time in school, bored, and find that we do… Read More »How To Be Engaged

The Jigsaw Method

The other day, in the midst of all the other fantastic things this lockdown has brought into my life, we were sitting around completing a jigsaw puzzle. The initial excitement slowly waned and it dragged on for the next few days, sitting unfinished on the… Read More »The Jigsaw Method

Hard is Doable

An important step in becoming a better student, a better learner or even a better person is coming face-to-face with the tasks in our lives we find hard. In this post, I would like to explore the feelings and attitudes we have towards those tasks… Read More »Hard is Doable

Learning to Learn

Learning is a skill. Just like throwing a ball, baking cookies, playing an instrument or even public speaking, it is something that we can practice and refine. Just like those skills, we have to start somewhere. If you have never thought about your ability to… Read More »Learning to Learn