About Us

My Story

Hi, I’m Eamon Kelly – a Postgrad Medical Student at the Australian National University (ANU).

As a student who spent years toiling away in courses at high school and university where there was no light at the end of the tunnel, I understand how many students feel.

We always see students who work unbelieveably hard to pursue further studies and even careers that they are not passionate about. Here, we want students to not only achieve the best results they can, but to do so in areas of their lives where they feel they can make an impact in. 

A Bit

Currently studying at ANU as a Postgraduate Medical Student.
After my 4th attempt at trying to enrol into a Medical Degree,  I finally was accepted into ANU’s Medical School in 2018.

Had graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction (First Class Honours) at UNSW, Sydney in 2018.

Graduated from Sydney Boys High School in 2013. A selective school which has an emphasis on creating ‘scholar sportsmen’.
I was a Prefect, Captain of 1st XV Basketball, 1st XV Rugby, and would come back to coach Basketball for 4 years after my graduation.

An Interesting Fact:
My mother was actually the eldest HSC student in NSW just 2 years ago. (Click for more) 
I feel as if the values she had instilled into my brother and I have made me truly understand the value and privilege of education.

Education done differently

There is more to life than what is taught in school. It is not strictly mathematics, english and science; one of which will be the destination of your future. Our mission is to fill that void through building students up so they can actively pursue their interests with the skillset that a good education should provide. We focus on given students the necessary tools for them to go out and discover and create the world that they want to be a part of. 


Developing a natural curiousity is at the forefront of what we do, presenting material in ways which inspire as opposed to bore


Encouraging the mind to push itself to discover the natural abilities we all have inside of us to conceive and construct new ideas


Pushing students to work actively to achieve their targets through constant engagement in planning and accomplishing their own goals