High School Private Tutoring in Canberra

We Specialise in
Year 7-12:


Using a logical approach to improve understanding and engagement in a step-wise manner


Engaging students in problem solving and conceptual thinking to improve their capabilities and instincts


Specialising in the understanding and interpretation of text types and literary techniques at all levels

Helping Students Love to Learn

“Disengaged in school? Doubting their own abilities?
Just forcing your child to study and do better can only get them so far.
There’s a common misconception that some students are just ‘born smart’.
This could not be further from the truth.
What we need to understand is that students need to actually believe that they ‘can do it’, which helps them enjoy the learning process and teaches them that effort = results.
Coaching your child to understand this core value, will translate into all avenues in their academic career and beyond.”

Eamon Kelly, EK Tutoring

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Working towards more knowledge, better skills and a clearer mindset

Many factors play an important role in learning and education. We will work together to maximise your results.